(Ch. Marjoe's Tangerine Tiger X Gregella Tempting Taffy)
Brodie was the turning point in the quality of the Apricot miniatures in America. He was the leading poodle sire all colors, all varieties for 1983. In 1983 he also retired the Ch. Round Table Cognac Memorial Challenge Trophy at PCA. He was the top apricot sire of all time. He was bred by Camille Lashley and her sister Yvonne Lashley-Meeks. He was owned and handled by Camille Lashley. You can still see his soft expression and lovely head in the apricots of today.
Ch. Starshine Aurlavi Skydancer
Co-owned by Denise Ammon and Vicky Hannam.
Ch. Carbet Carolina Moon

(Ch. Carbet Centura Gold X Ch. Stone Creek Wild Strawberry TP) Finished in 9 shows beautifully shown by Camille Lashley and was owned by the late, Martha Dull.

Camille has him as a special as that is what Martha wanted, him to be a special.

Ch. Lyca Never Ending Story
She is owned by Camille Lashley and Barbara Burdick.
CH. Barclay Lyca Twisted Sister
She finished at Bald Eagle Kennel Club under Mrs. Walton. Shown by George Hall and owned by Barbara, Camille and George. This makes her mother Lyca Jerod in a Frenzy a top producer. Sire is Lyca Grid Iron Gold.
Ch. Barclay Lyca Solve the Puzzle
Maxwell finished with 4 majors. He is owned by Camille, Barbara and George who handled him.
Ch.Barclay Lyca Long Stem Rose
Owned by Barbara and Camille and shown by Barbara, Camille and George.
Ch. Barcla Lyca Puzzle Solved
Am. Ch. Barclay Lyca Capture A Heart
Shelby was a variety winner from the puppy classes. She finished her championship in the fall of 2001 by capturing 3 majors in one weekend by going Best of Breed over the specials. She was handled exclusively by Camille Lashley.
Owned by Barbara Burdick, Camille Lashley and co-owned with Roger Moore.
Ch. Barclay Lyca Silver N Gold
Another champion for the Barclay Lyca crew. Way to go!
Ch. Barclay Lyca Oh!
We are proud to announce to new title of Barclay Lyca Oh! Henri to AMERICAN,GERMAN, and now INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION. In Budapest, Henri got twice CAC, CACIB, BOB. This makes his International Champion complete. Henri was bred by Barbara Burdick and Camille Lashley and new is owned by Gisela Mucke. Henri has some kids coming out in Australia and Germany and maybe Finland. Way to go Henri, he's having a ball.
Ch. Barclay Lyca New Dimension

CH. Barclay Lyca New Dimension became a new champion at the Eastern Kentucky shows.

Colin finished with 4 majors at 10 months in limited showing. Colin is owned by Barbara Burdick and Camille Lashey. He was shown by Camille.


Oct, 2004, Hatboro Dog Show, Pennsylvania

Judge: Peggy Hauck
Judge: Bill Cunningham

Jodi finished as a puppy in 9 shows with back to back 4 point majors. She is bred and owned by Camille and Barbara.
Submission Date: November 17, 2004

Ch. PJS and Apriglos Hot To Trot
Finished in 4 months. BOW at PCCC poodle specialty under Tom Corneal for a 5 point major to finish. Handler: Kim Russell Owner: Linda Karr of Apriglo Poodles. As a Special Jake has several Variety wins a BOSIS & Group 2. BOS to BOV at PCA.
Ch. Kiburis Buds Rose of Apriglo
Amber is owned by Linda Karr and shown by Kim Russell.
Can.Ch.Aurlavi Skydancer's Q Da Man

Q finished with a 3 pt. BOB win in a downpour. Handler: Tammy Cooke Owner: Vicky Hannam.

Ch. Torquay Final Answer

Regis is owned by Lorraine Torkelson handled by Carol Millar. He finnished with his 3rd 4 point major under Judge Clover Allen at 19 months.

World Ch. Rus. Fin. Chainja Roza Iz Doma Tajur
Roza was sired by Roger Moore's Novelty's Simply Simon and went BOB World Winner in Amsterdam! This makes her a World Champion.Simon and his son were killed in a tragic accident so it is very special to have his daughter carry on his line so well.
Ch.Apriglos All Jazzed Up  (Jazzy) optigen A
sire-Ch.PJS and Apriglos Hot to Trot
dam-Ch.Kiburis Buds Rose of Apriglo

Jazzy finished in Oregon  With 2- 4pt majors.

Columbia Poodle Club Inc. under Patti Strand 1-15-04 BOW 4 pt major
Dog Fanciers Association Of Oregon.Inc
under Ms. Betty Regina Leininger
WB-4 pt major
Submitted: November 20, 2004
Ch.Apriglos Hot Shot  (Hunter) Optigen A

Sire-Ch.PJs and Apriglos Hot to Trot
Dam-Torquay Divine Miss M
Hunter finished as a puppy in tough California competion.

He will be specialed in 2005
Submitted: November 20, 2004
Submitted: December 3, 2005
Ch. Barclay LYca Masterpiece, finished in two weekends in 5 shows, came to PCA and got placing in obedience first time in the obedience ring, all at 10 months.
Barclay/Lyca is pleased to anounce its newest Champions for 2005
Ch. Barclay Lyca Live It Up
Ch. Barclay Lyca Ramblin Rose
Ch. Barclay Lyca Oh! Henrietta

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"LOGAN" - Ch Apropos Quest for the Gold

Marietta Kahla of Apropos Poodles would like to present her Champion "Logan". Although he achieved his championship in 2005, Marietta just realized that she could have a posting on this site.

He finished 2nd at PCA in 2005 and was later moved up to first in BBE dogs at PCA.

He was shown by Chris and Rachel with 3 majors.

Submitted: Feb. 2007

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Ruest's Firesilk is now Australian Champion Ruest's Firesilk. Silka" was handled for her show career by Lex Henery (pictured) and Troy Tanner of Troymere Kennels. Bred by Paulette Palmer and owned by Nola Westren..

Submitted: Dec. 11, 2007

Audrey Kelly of Bonheur Poodles
proudly presents new AKC Miniature Champion

Ch Bonheur Remarkably Pretty - "Cassie"

Sire: Ch Bonheur Smark Remark  Dam: Bonheur Fifth Element  
Submitted March 3rd, 2012  
Audrey Kelly of Bonheur Poodles
proudly presents new AKC Miniature Champion

Ch Bonheur Made in America - "Mo Mo"

Sire: Ch Bonheur Texas Express  Dam: CH Bonheur Foreign Policy 
Mo Mo finished with Five majors!
Shown winning the first Major.
Submitted March 3rd, 2012
Jean Urban of Patriot Poodles
proudly presents new AKC Miniature Champion

Ch Patriot's Mickadoodle Dandy O'Wildwood - "Buoy"
Breeder: Justin Summers
Sire - Wildwoods Lucky Red Bounce
Dam - Wildwoodscandidmoment
Finished Owner Handled!


Submitted September 30th, 2012
Ch Sosherr's Singin' a Sunshine Song

Sire: Ch Bonheur Smart Remark
Dam: Ch Barclay Lyca Walkin On Sunshine
Breeder: Sherryn Malm
Owner: Sherryn Malm

Chessa is the #8 Miniature poodle in New York State in 2014.

Submitted: Oct 6, 2014

Ch Barclays Music Box Dancer at Sosherr baca me

Sire: Ch Redhaven Dulce De Lache
Dam: Ch Barclays Catch A Falling Star. 
Breeder: Barbara Burdick
Owner(s): Sherryn Malm and Joannie Clas

Arietta completed her Championship at 11 months old on April 7, 2017.  That same weekend she got eight points including two majors and beat two champions toward her Grand championship title!

She was beautifully shown by Becky Arch. Thank you to judges Terry Berrios, Alfred Ferruggiaro, Sharon Lyons, and Joy Bruster. This beautiful little puppy was the result of the last breeding done by Barbara Burdick two weeks before she passed away.

Submitted: May 4th, 2017