Red Standard Poodle History

Materials Compiled and Edited by Kelly Lynn Smith

It took many years to achieve the quality and conformation that we see in the red standard poodles of today. The concept of developing a red standard poodle was first conceived by Ilse Konig of the Shangri-La Kennel when she returned from Germany in 1980 and admired a red miniature poodle at a dog show.

With the assistance of Janet Blanin of the Palmares Kennel in Oregon; they embarked upon an experimental breeding by mating a small English apricot bitch (provided by Shangri-la) to a red miniature poodle, Palmares E Pluribus Unum, PB458595, DOB: 08/28/1980. Rusty was not oversized. He was shown and pointed in AKC. Quoting from Ilse Konig “I kept the first litter—4 red babies. The color was stunning and I was dancing for joy! The problem came later. The heads were Standard Poodles, the legs short like Miniature Poodles. While they were cute, they were not the temperament of that of a Standard Poodle. They all were smaller than a Standard and they were called a "Caniche", (the in-between size of Mini and Standard Poodle)."

Shangrilas Commander is where we are TODAY.....
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Below is a picture of seventeen year old Matilde, still going strong. She is out of one of the first litters of a Mini & Standard mating.

DOB Sept.28, 1986
Dam: Palmares Spice
Sire : Shangrilas Follow The Sun
Matilda is 16" tall and of paperbag color.

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As no red gene pool was available; the largest puppy from each litter was bred, thus gradually increasing the size with each successive generation. "It took several years of mating and keeping red poodle puppies to come up to the standard of the BIG poodle. Today they all fit the bill. There are several Champions now and the size is up to 26 inches. It was a real tough job with lots of frustrations and disappointments- BUT- I had my red Standard Poodle, as you can see in my pictures."

"The turn in the temperament finally came with Coquetel Apollo--who really should be mentioned in all of this. He was the one that brought the good disposition into the red line. Unfortunately, Apollo was shot by a New Jersey breeder while out on a lease because he was chasing his chickens. I believe that the breeders of the Reds have accomplished a terrific feat. To even get one red into the ring would have been impossible in the eighties. While it was a frustrating road for all of us, its amazing to even get that far.” Says Ilse.

Champion Shangrila's Peach
International Champion-(French and Spanish Champion)

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Canadian Champion Majestic Red Rebel Von Shangri-La
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