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Belchaks Cayden The Buzz

Belchaks Cayden The Buzz is pictured here receiving a 4 point Major, handled by Alan Waterman. Cayden has both of his Majors and one single, all under a year old! All he needs are 6 singles to finish.
Retniw's Livin It Up went Best of Variety at the Greater Pittsburgh Poodle Club Specialty last week for a 3 point major.  Also our newest addition Retniw's Silence Is Golden took a Group 4 at the Match in Canfield.    
    Submitted: August 12, 2005
Retniw's Livin' It Up

Retniw's Livin' It Up AKA Livie went Winner Bitch and Best of Winners at the York Kennel Club and went Best of Variety at the Greater Pittsburgh Poodle Club and went Winners Bitch at the Bennington County Kennel Club.  She now has 7 points with one Major. I have attached her picture.

Also Retniw's newest addition Retniw's Silence Is Golden AKA Marley (Ch Farleys D I Am Marcello and Ch. Rentiw's The Key To My Heart) took a Group 4 at the fun match in Canfiled Ohio.
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Submitted: Sept. 1, 2005
Best Brace in Show

Sunny (Int. Isr. Ch. Genteel Farleys D Sunshine)
and his daughter Tulip (Flower of Sunshine Iz Volzhskoy Serenady)
won "Best Brace in Show"
at the International Show in Tel-Aviv on January 19,2008.
    Submitted: June 16, 2008
Hilltop Red Wizard

I  want to brag just a little about my boy Wizard.

Hilltop Red Wizard, out of Hilltop She Is A Mulligan and Ch Farleys D Shiloh.

Wizard is now 13mos. has finished his CD High in trail and 1st place. Has his third leg with high score of 197. He is also in training for agility and doing great. His first trail is at the end of September. All his testing is done. Beautiful Red, Great Movement, Sweet Boy. He is 24in and 55lb.
- Toni Gear

Submitted: Sept. 20, 2008
HR Southern Standards Red Creole JH WCX

"Cooper" qualified for another leg towards his SH title at the Atlanta Hunting Retriever Club in Grantville, GA. He is now half way to his Senior Hunter title!

Angie & Rich Louter
Louter Creek Hunting Poodles
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I started doing rally in July of 2008 after "getting" to ring steward at our obedience trials in Eugene.

The boys and I have been having a lot of fun with it and I think they have done very well.

Minarets Bandero Rojo RN
Minarets Enrico Dorado RN
Minarets Marquis CD RN

Minarets Bandero Rojo RA
Minarets Enrico Dorado RA

Minarets Citero Rojo RN and RA and RE
Minarets Gryffindor Del Lobos RN and RA
Dayspring Minarets Arce Rojo RN

Esther Underkofler, Minarets Poodles
    Submitted: Dec. 17, 2009
Antoinette Bordeaux du NOLA's Caniche Rouge

ARPC Match 2010 Best Adult in Match and Best of Variety
PCA 2010 Amateur Owner Handler Bitch Class 3rd Place
  Annie BOV 2010
Annie AOH   Submitted: Feb 2, 2011
Baroness Pontalba du NOLA's Caniche Rouge

B won her first AKC point the week she turned 7 months old, handled by her Amateur Owner Handler, Tabatha Waters.

B's win makes her the youngest red standard poodle puppy bitch to point in the AKC.
    Submitted: Feb 2, 2011
Bijou's Majestic Red Ruby of LS, CA, UROII

Ruby is the first
Red Standard Poodle

to earn a UKC Coursing Title!
Bijou's Red Razzberry of Majestic, CA

Razz is the first
Red Standard Poodle Male

to earn a UKC Coursing Title!

Razz getting his last leg for his CA title:

Bijou's Red Razzberry of Majestic
UH HRCH Southern Standards Red Creole MH
"Cooper" earned his last Q Leg for his MASTER HUNTER Title
at the Cuyahoga Valley GRC in Hambden, OH!

9th Standard Poodle in history
to earn the MH Title and FIRST RED
UH HRCH Webster's Red High Heels SH
"Layla" earned her last Q Leg for her Senior Hunter Title at the Cuyahoga Valley GRC in Hambden, Ohio.
    Submitted June 14th, 2011
Minarets proudly presents new Rally Title holders!
Zepher's RAE
Zepher's RAE
Tanni after his RA
Tanni after his RA
Rico's RE
Rico's RE
Nela after her RN 
Nela after her RN
Gem after her RN 
Gem after her RN
Amber,Beja and Lara after their RN 
and Lara after
their RN
Beja's RA 
Beja's RA
Minarets Citero Rojo RAE (Zepher)
Minarets Gryfindor del Lobos RE (Gryff)
Dayspring Minarets Arce Rojo RA and RE (Race)
Minarets Ciervo Dorado RN (Tanni)
Minarets Lady Belle RN (Belle)

Minarets La Perla Negra RN (Lara)
Minarets Abeja Atareado RN and RA (Beja)
Minarets Amber's Song RN (Amber)
Minarets Canela Roja RN (Nela)
Minarets Pearls and Rubies RN (Gem)
Minarets Tawny Shawny RN (Shawny)
MInarets Enrico Dorado RE (Rico)
Minarets Ciervo Dorado RA (Tanni)

Esther Underkofler
Submitted June 14th, 2011 
Zeezee Farleys D Zeta
Yesterday x Ch Boxwood Brainteaser
Back to back 3 point majors
First day under Judge Elizabeth Muthard
Pictured on the second day with
Judge Robert Indeglia
co-owned with Vinessa Alones
handled by Paul Clas
    Submitted June 14th, 2011
Tanni RE  
Minarets Ciervo Dorado RE
Tanni finished his RE in November 2011
Esther Underkofler
    Submitted November 29th, 2011
Patriot's Renaissance Queen Isabella
Bijou's Boogie Woogie Bindi PP x Palmares Artistique
Bred and owned by Jean Urban
Shown by Sharon Svoboda
Judge Carl Gomes honored her with her
First Major in Jan 2015.

    Submitted: February 1st, 2015
HANNAH Louter Creek Very-Merry
German CH Maraschwa's Golden Dream Fruit Loop X EXCALIBRA Very-Merry
Bred by Jitka Pizurova and owned by Angie Louter

First Major!
    Submitted: March 12th, 2015
Desiree   CAN CH Lumiere This Girl is on Fire by Harbor

Ch Lumiere Astoria Hot Commodity x Harbor's Red Sails In The Sunset NAP NJP NFP

Desiree achieved her Canadian Championship in only 1 1/2 weeks
Desiree   On her first weekend out in AKC she was Best of Winners for a Major at the Poodle Club of Massachusetts Poodle Specialty.
    Submitted; Jan17 2017
Both Grace and Hannah were the FIRST standard poodles to earn the newest AKC sport, (Fast Cat). They earned their BCAT titles on Sept. 24, 2016.
Grace FCAT   CH Splasher's Wind Beneath My Wings
UH HRCH MHR MHR Southern Standards Red Creole  x   Ch Farleys D Zeta CD
Owned by Angie & Rich Louter of Louter Creek Hunting Poodles
Hannah-FCAT   CH Hannah Louter Creek Very-Merry
German CH Maraschwa's Golden Dream Fruit Loop X EXCALIBRA Very-Merry
Bred by Jitka Pizurova and owned by Angie Louter
    Submitted: Mar 8, 2017